Workshop FAQ's

Who are your Workshops for?

Sophia On Demand Workshops are designed by and for Catholic K-12 educators.

How do I watch the videos?

The videos are available to watch on the Virtual Workshops page once you have purchased the Workshop. Click the triangular play button to start the player.

Can I watch the videos from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! Once you purchase the videos you can log in on your mobile device and watch the videos on the course page. Touch the triangular play button to start the player.

Do I have to watch them all at once?

No! Feel free to view the videos at your own pace. You can stop and restart anytime, rewind and watch parts again, and have total flexibility as to when and how you watch.

Do I have to watch independently or with my whole faculty?

Either! The Workshops can be viewed by the whole staff if displayed on a projector or smartboard, or independently by individual faculty members.

How do I find my Workshop videos again if I log out, or close out of the site?

Log back into your account by clicking Log in on the top right of any page. Then click on Dashboard. From there, click on Workshops and you will find all the Workshops you have purchased.

Will my access to the videos ever end?

No, your access to the videos will never expire.

Do I need an Internet connection to watch the videos?

Yes, you will need to be connected to the Internet to watch them.

How do I get my professional development certificate?

When you have finished the Workshop, please visit this page to request your certificate. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Can you guarantee my diocese will accept the certificate for professional development credit?

Although we have never had a diocese reject our certificates, we cannot specifically guarantee that every diocese will accept our Workshops to satisfy their requirements. Please check with the administrator in your diocese if you have any concerns about credit.