Catechetical Workshop

Source and Summit: The Holy Eucharist, San Diego

August 01, 2022
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Diocese of San Diego (Pastoral Center)
San Diego, CA • Directions

Join our Workshop staff for a one-day program that reflects on the beauty and gift of the Eucharist. We will explore ways to help students see the power and reality of this amazing Sacrament in their lives. This Workshop blends scholar presentations with interactive pedagogical sessions, giving you a chance to explore content with a respected college professor, as well as simulate practical teaching strategies with ready-to-use classroom materials. Share best practices with your fellow teachers and engage in both formal and informal discussions.


Check-In and Breakfast

Program Introduction

The Eucharist and Sacred Art
Spend time reflecting on the Eucharist through exploring a variety of sacred art pieces.

The Eucharist: An Encounter with Supreme Love
Enjoy the first talk by Dr. James Pauley, followed by Q & A.


The Eucharist and the Passover
Spend time looking at the connections between the Eucharist and the Passover and engaging in interactive activities to help your students see and understand the connections.

Holy Mass


Helping Others into a Eucharistic Revival
Enjoy the second and final talk by Dr. James Pauley, followed by Q & A

Do This in Remembrance of Me
Spend time participating in interactive activities that will help your students enter into the Mass more intentionally.

Additional Resources, Evaluation

Join us, and you'll receive…

Catechetical Formation

Catechetical Formation

Engaging sessions by a catechetical scholar provide background knowledge so you can confidently engage students with our Faith.

Spriritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

You'll explore your vocation as a teacher, coming to see your calling as a witness to Christ in the classroom.

Practical Application

Practical Application

A veteran teacher follows each scholarly presentation with research-based teaching strategies, giving you immediate ways to apply this knowledge in the classroom.

Ready-to-Use Materials

Ready-to-Use Materials

Receive a free, classroom-tested teacher's guide featuring 10-12 lessons with classroom activities and sacred art.



Jose Gonzalez joined the team at Sophia Institute for Teachers in 2014 after more than 10 years as a Catholic high school teacher. In addition to teaching, Jose has experience working in parish and diocesan ministry. Jose has been leading Workshops in over 60 dioceses for more than 8 years, and contributes regularly to our teacher's guides and digital instructional resources. He has a BA in theology with a concentration in religious education from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and an MA in evangelization and catechesis from the Augustine Institute. Jose and his wife, Mary Beth, have four children.


Dr. James Pauley is Professor of Theology and Catechetics at Franciscan University. He is the author of two books focused on the renewal of catechesis: An Evangelizing Catechesis: Teaching from Your Encounter with Christ (Our Sunday Visitor, 2020) and the revised edition of Liturgical Catechesis in the 21st Century: A School of Discipleship (Liturgy Training Publications, 2022). In 2014, Dr. Pauley was appointed editor of The Catechetical Review, Franciscan University’s journal dedicated to Catholic education and evangelization. Dr. Pauley has served professionally in parish, diocesan, and university catechetical formation for more than thirty years and currently serves on the US Bishops’ Executive Team for the Eucharistic Revival. Having received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Liturgical Institute at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in 2014, he enjoys serving as a frequent speaker in dioceses and parishes nationwide. Dr. Pauley is married to Katrina, and they are blessed with three daughters.


3888 Paducah Dr, San Diego, CA 92117, USA

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