Catechetical Workshop

Encountering the Person of Jesus, Montana

October 16, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Virtual Workshop

All Montana Catholic School teachers are invited to join us for a three hour interactive Virtual Workshop on helping students encounter Jesus through the Gospels. This Workshop blends scholar presentations with interactive pedagogical sessions, giving you a chance to explore content with a respected college professor, as well as explore and simulate practical teaching strategies with ready-to-use classroom materials. Share best practices with your fellow teachers, and enjoy both formal and informal discussions. This event will take place through Zoom. Click here to register.


Welcome and Introduction

Encountering Jesus through Sacred Art
Spend some time coming to know what Christ more deeply through examining sacred art.

“What do you seek?”: Encountering Jesus in the Gospels
Enjoy the first of two presentations by Dr. John Sehorn.


The Gospel of Matthew and the Use of Parables
Engage in interactive activities through virtual breakout groups that will help your students understand the use of parable sin the Gospels.

“As the Father sent me”: The Gospels as Unfinished Stories
Enjoy the second presentation by Dr. John Sehorn.

Additional Resources, Evaluation

This event will take place through Zoom. Click here to register.

Join us, and you'll receive…

Catechetical Formation

Catechetical Formation

Engaging sessions by a catechetical scholar provide background knowledge so you can confidently engage students with our Faith.

Spriritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

You'll explore your vocation as a teacher, coming to see your calling as a witness to Christ in the classroom.

Practical Application

Practical Application

A veteran teacher follows each scholarly presentation with research-based teaching strategies, giving you immediate ways to apply this knowledge in the classroom.

Ready-to-Use Materials

Ready-to-Use Materials

Receive a free, classroom-tested teacher's guide featuring 10-12 lessons with classroom activities and sacred art.



Anne Rennie joined the team at Sophia Institute for Teachers with eight years of teaching experience in Catholic schools. She assists with support, curriculum, and professional development programs. She has also taught faith formation, confirmation classes, and RCIA in parishes. Anne’s experience also includes several years in the business world and in higher ed administration. She has a BA in Liberal Studies, an Apostolic Catechetical Diploma from Magdalen College, and a Masters in Theological Studies from Saint John’s Seminary in Boston.


John Sehorn is assistant professor of Theology for the Augustine Institute. He earned his B.A. in History at Arizona State University. He developed a deep fascination with the theology of the Fathers of the Church and scriptural exegesis while working on his Early Christian Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He also earned his Ph.D. from Notre Dame. His dissertation focused on Origen of Alexandria’s homilies on Ezekiel. He remains very interested in patristic theology and exegesis, as well as biblical studies and medieval theology.