Submission Guidelines

You are the light of the world. A city
set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone
light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the
lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
–Matthew 5:15

Help us build the Catholic Curriculum Exchange into a place where Catholic school teachers everywhere can find high-quality, teacher-written resources in all subjects and grade levels. 

The resources we will accept are wide ranging.  If you have any of the following, then you can start uploading today . . .

  • Writing prompts
  • Video supplements
  • Quiz questions
  • PowerPoints
  • Study guides
  • Discussion questions
  • Document-based questions


A good rule of thumb: if you found it helpful in your classroom, then other teachers will find it helpful as well.

We are a non-profit organization of teachers seeking to help teachers.  You maintain ownership over any resource you share.

Together, we can provide an endless source of creative and inspiring lessons for all teachers in all subject areas and for all grade levels!


How to get started

1. If you're not already registered, create a free account by clicking here.

2. Click here to start the lesson uploading process.

Want to come back and do this later?

1. Click on "Dashboard" in the top right section of the page.

2. Click on "Shared Lessons" and then click on the red "Share your lesson" button to begin sharing your lesson.

3. From there, follow the steps to share your resources. 

4. Within two weeks, Sophia Institute will confirm if your lesson has been accepted for publication. 


Submission Guidelines

Because we are committed to providing high-quality materials, all lessons will be reviewed by Sophia Institute for Teachers before publication. Sophia Institute for Teachers staff and Advisory Council include experienced teachers from across the country.

Resources must list subject matter, grade level, and recommended time.

Lessons on subjects other than religion do not have to focus on Catholicism, but should touch on Catholic teaching in some way. 

All pedagogical approaches are welcome.

Links to outside resources are fine, but all other content must be your own original work.  

Lessons that encourage critical thinking are encouraged.

Lessons that are heretical will not be published.

All lessons may be edited for clarity and style.

By uploading a resource, you give us permission to publish it under your name and profile in the Exchange only. You keep the copyright.

Acceptable attachment file types include Microsoft Word documents; PDFs; JPEGs, PowerPoints or interactive whiteboard presentations. Please do NOT attempt to upload video files, .zip files, or any types other than those listed above. For videos, please provide a YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube, or other link.


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