Spirit of Truth, School Edition Online Resources

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Video Orientation and FAQ

Short training videos to help you use your textbook effectively

Liturgical Year

Bonus lessons for teaching about Advent and Lent, plus lessons for every Sunday Gospel

Unit Tests and Weekly Quizzes

Formal assessments for every unit, along with quizzes for each week

Bring the Faith Home!

A weekly resource for parents to extend learning at home. NEW: in English and Spanish!


Presentations for all lessons with art and key information filled in

Absent Student Handouts

A summary of each day's content to send home with students who miss class, or to share with children with learning differences

External Videos

Direct links to all videos suggested in lesson plans

Saint Cards

Short biographies of our models of holiness

Sophia SketchPad

Short animated whiteboard videos on the Sacraments


Find and print out copies of Teacher Resources from your Teacher Guide

Planning and Pacing

Documents and guides for all your lesson planning needs

More Resources

Essential Lesson guides, Spot-the-Differences activities, and additional resources