Spirit of Truth Digital School Edition

Available July 1, 2020

Here you get all the great content in Spirit of Truth optimized for use in our app or a web-browser combined with an engaging, interactive learning game for every day of the school year in grades K thru 8. From sacred art puzzle games to crosswords, your students will not just learn the faith, they’ll have fun doing it!

Spirit of Truth Digital Edition is a completely-digital platform available via app or browser – not just a digitized book. Our cutting-edge user interface allows students to progress through the course as a class or at their own pace, and supports you as the educator to assign, track, grade and communicate with your students. 

What Makes our Digital App for Schools Unique?

  • Hundreds of Learning Games -- Reading, question and answers and Sacred Art Reflections are now joined by Angry-Birds-type sorting games, drawing games, iSpy activities, driving games, word searches and scrambles, crossword puzzles, drag-and-drop matching games – all age-appropriate per grade level.
  • Teacher Dashboard -- Make your classroom more efficient! Through your dashboard, you can:
    • Assign activities, homework, quizzes and tests
    • Grade all content and share notes between you and your students
    • Track student progress on assignments
    • Create and send progress reports to parents
    • You can also easily export your roster and student scores into any LMS you are using.
  • Delivers a Meaningful Encounter with the Faith -- Our digital platform covers the entire Catechism in a rich and age-appropriate way and is designed to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and differing familiarity with the Faith.
  • Not just an e-book -- Most curricula are available for your tablet or computer, but these are just a digitized versions (PDF!) of the book with very little ability to interact. The result is a flat and unengaging experience. Spirit of Truth Digital Edition gives you an intuitive, feature-rich experience that enables notifications, teacher-student communication for feedback, grading and so much more.


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