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All Grades

Session planning chart (PDF)

Session planning chart (.doc)


Session 26: Lessons to help teach the Liturgical Year

Grade 3

Session 20: List of Marian Feast Days

Session 25: Diocese Locator

Grade 4

Session 3: A Prayer for Unborn Children

Session 7: Saint Cards

Session 30: Saint Cards

Session 31: Saint Cards

Grade 5

Session 19: Mass readings for the day

Session 24: Prayers said during the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

Session 29: The Marriage Rite

Grade 6

Session 1: "Divine Revelation" PowerPoint

Session 3: Article on the Liturgy of the Word ; Joy of the Gospel eLessons

Session 4: Joy of the Gospel eLessons

Session 7: “Interpretation of Scripture” PowerPoint

Grade 7

Session 2: Enthronement

Session 5: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website

Session 17: A Nun's Life: Liturgy of the Hours ;  Church Pop: Liturgy of the Hours

Session 29: Prayer in Defense of Marriage

Grade 8

Session 3: Saint Cards

Session 7: List of Marian Feast Days ; Index of Saints and their Feasts

Session 30: Prayer in Defense of Marriage