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Spirit of Truth Homeschool Edition

The newest Homeschool Religion text is here!

Teaching the Faith at home doesn’t have to be boring, dry, or fluffy! Spirit of Truth Homeschool Edition is a refreshing way to bring our Catholic Faith — and all its beauty and depth — to your children.

As the first and primary teacher of your child, you’ll find Spirit of Truth to be a beautiful resource that deepens your family bonds by growing in faith together all while helping you lead your children into a profound encounter with Christ.

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What makes Spirit of Truth unique?

Start your children on their own personal spiritual journey!

We don’t want children just to learn the Faith, we want them to become saints. That’s why each lesson in Spirit of Truth includes ways your child can apply what they’ve learned to their own lives and grow in holiness. In the early years, your children will learn the basics of prayer, eventually understanding the spiritual life in its fullest sense as they grow and mature into the teen years.

Help them gain a deep understanding of the faith!

Throughout this series, your children will explore and come to learn the Catechism of the Catholic Church by experiencing it, not just reading about it. They will be led to not only see the depth of our Catholic Faith, but also its richness and beauty.

Have fun while learning!

While our chief focus is intellectual and spiritual growth, we also want you and your children to have fun learning the Faith. That’s why Spirit of Truth goes well beyond a traditional read/ask/answer format. Instead, we give you the tools to guide your children through fun activities like:

  • Sacred art reflections
  • Field-trip ideas for hands-on experiences
  • Listening to beautiful music and hymns
  • Exploring virtue, grace and truth by reading select fairy tales and other works of literature
  • Reading from Sacred Scripture and the Doctors of the Church

All provided to help your children enjoy learning and ignite their natural wonder.

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Resources Included with Spirit of Truth

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Saint Cards
Saint Cards
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Parent Resources
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External Videos
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Adapted Parent Guide Readings
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Tests and Quizzes

What children learn by grade level

Kindergarten: The Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family (Home Edition)

Kindergarten: The Blessed Trinity and the Holy Family (Home Edition)

Young children are introduced to the loving goodness of the Blessed Trinity, meet the members of the Holy Family, and learn who the saints are and what they teach us.

  • They begin to explore why virtue is good and sin is bad, and the importance of developing good habits.
  • Children learn that they can speak to God in prayer.

Grade 1: God is Love (Home Edition)

Grade 1: God is Love (Home Edition)

Young children begin to develop an awareness of God as our Father in Heaven, the creator of Heaven and earth, who is all good, who created them in His image and likeness, and who loves them unconditionally.

  • Introduction to the basic parts of the Mass.
  • The reality of sin is further explored in connection with the Sacrament of Confession.
  • Continuing to learn from the lives of saints, they also explore the basics of prayer as a conversation with God.

Grade 2: Our Life in Jesus (Home Edition)

Grade 2: Our Life in Jesus (Home Edition)

This year focuses on how much children are loved by Jesus Christ, and how his death and Resurrection has opened the way to heaven.

  • Children continue to learn about the parts of the Mass, the lives and lessons of the saints, and more ways to pray.
  • Special focus is placed on the Sacraments of Confession and Eucharist this year.

Grade 3: The Kingdom of God and the Church (Home Edition)

Grade 3: The Kingdom of God and the Church (Home Edition)

Children learn what the Catholic Church is, who the Holy Spirit is and how He guides Her, and what it means that Jesus continues His mission through Her.

  • Along with the basics of the Trinity and all seven Sacraments, they build on what they have learned about prayer, and explore what it means to live as children of God.
  • They also focus on Jesus' Parables of the Kingdom, and Mary, the Mother of the Church.

Grade 4: Jesus Teaches Us How to Live (Home Edition)

Grade 4: Jesus Teaches Us How to Live (Home Edition)

Most of this year focuses on the moral life, our loving response to God's great gift to us, and children explore more deeply what it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.

  • Children explore conscience formation, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Golden Rule, and the Great Commandment.
  • The reality of sin and the necessity of virture are emphasized.

Grade 5: The Sacraments (Home Edition)

Grade 5: The Sacraments (Home Edition)

This year provides an in-depth exploration of God's grace in the Sacraments, with a focus on what a Sacrament is and why Jesus instituted them.

  • Children explore what it means that God is the source of all life, learn more about Holy Mass and Holy Days of Obligation, and read and discuss longer biographies of the saints, especially young saints.

Grade 6: Sacred Scripture (Home Edition)

Grade 6: Sacred Scripture (Home Edition)

Children spend this year immersed in God's Word in the Sacred Scriptures, and explore how the Bible communicates God's plan of salvation to us.

  • Includes basics of reading the Bible, Magisterial authority, praying with Scripture, how the Bible is different from other books, and the four senses of Scripture.
  • Finally, children experience a comprehensive exploration of the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation, all through the lens of the Incarnation.

Grade 7: Living as a Disciple of Christ (Home Edition)

Grade 7: Living as a Disciple of Christ (Home Edition)

  • This year includes four units in which middle school children explore the topics of:
    • Jesus and the Gospel message: unifying themes in Scripture and an in-depth examination of the four Gospels;
    • Personal growth: the origin, dignity, and destiny of the human person;
    • Each of the Seven Sacraments;
    • Prayer: its elements, qualities, and challenges, ways of praying, and Mary and the saints as models of prayer.

Grade 8: The Communion of the Faithful (Home Edition)

Grade 8: The Communion of the Faithful (Home Edition)

  • This year includes five units for middle school children to build on their understanding of:
    • Personal growth: our vocation to love and our responsibilities to God and each other;
    • Morality: conscience formation through prayer and God's gift of an objective moral standard;
    • The Citizen and Government: the natural rights of all persons and the purpose of government;
    • Additional Free Supplemental book includes God's Plan for Marriage and the Family: our identity as male and female, purposes and abuses of sexuality, and resisting temptation to avoid sin and grow in virtue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much content does each grade level include?

Each grade level of Spirit of Truth provides a wealth of lessons and activities that can be completed over at least 30 weeks, though you may spend more or less time, depending on which ones you choose to do with your children.

What if I have several children at different ages? Can I teach them using the same book?

This answer depends on your children’s maturity and reading level. We recommend you review each grade level using the preview available on this page. Each grade level of Spirit of Truth could easily be adapted one grade level up or down, and perhaps more, but this will depend on your children.

Do I need anything else to use Spirit of Truth?

In grades K-5, as long as you have a parent’s guide and student workbooks for each child, you are ready to go. We recommend each child have his or her own copy of the Bible to use in grades 6, 7 and 8.

Who writes your textbooks?

Spirit of Truth Homeschool Edition was drafted by dozens of veteran Catholic homeschoolers and classroom teachers and edited by a team of three editors with a combined 24 years of homeschooling experience.

Do you offer online resources or support?


Once you adopt the Spirit of Truth theology textbooks, you will have access to pre-recorded videos that help provide background knowledge on the Faith and teaching strategies.

Our Supplements webpage also provides you with a host of additional resources to enhance your experience with Spirit of Truth Homeschool Edition. There you will find access to tests and quizzes, a sacred art library, and many other resources.

How can I review Spirit of Truth to decide if it’s right for me?

You may preview the Parent Guides by selecting the "Preview" button above and next to any specific grade-level of interest.

I don’t have a strong theology background. Do I need a lot of knowledge to use Spirit of Truth?


The beauty of Spirit of Truth is its weekly plan format. Its comprehensive but modular design ensures that it can be used successfully by experienced and knowledgeable homeschooling parents as well as by parents with little to no theology background.

Because all the readings, handouts, activities, and assessments are ready to go, your children will receive a complete understanding of the Faith even if you are learning along with them.

Our users frequently report how well Spirit of Truth has increased their personal understanding of the faith and bolstered their own spiritual life.

Do you offer volume discounts?

To help you manage the expense of textbooks, we offer you very competitive pricing. If you are part of a Homeschool Co-Op, hybrid school, or the like, please email us to enquire about volume discounts.

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