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This brand-new high school religion textbook series offers you time-saving, fully-developed lesson plans that support your efforts to create an engaging learning environment in your classroom. As high school teachers, we’ve been in your shoes, so we understand that nobody knows your classroom like you do. That’s why the modular format of our teacher’s guide enables you to use the lessons we provide, or replace them with what you’ve seen work in your classroom.

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What makes Spirit of Truth unique?

Spirit of Truth is a refreshing resource that lightens your burdens while helping you lead your students to a profound encounter with Christ. Here is what makes Spirit of Truth unique:

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You’re in Control

Our teacher’s guides are designed to give you complete control over how you teach. You can use the modular lessons and activities our team of high school teachers have developed, or you can substitute your own lessons whenever and however you want.

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Student Texts are Challenging Yet Accessible

We carefully crafted our student textbooks to be both readable and academically-challenging. Our textbooks help students see that the Catholic Faith not only makes sense but leads them to live a virtuous life in service to God and one another.

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You’ll Save Time

We provide a fully-developed, interactive lesson for each day of the school year, which includes readings, critical thinking questions, discussion points, sacred art reflections, saint stories, primary source excerpts, answer keys, and much more.

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You’ll Lead Your Students on a Spiritual Journey

While it's important for your students to understand the principles of the Faith, Spirit of Truth is designed to help them internalize the Faith and apply it to their own lives. The results are students with strong foundations and tools for their current and future spiritual growth.

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Free Resources Included with Spirit of Truth

What students learn by course

The Revelation of Christ in Scripture

The Revelation of Christ in Scripture

Students will gain knowledge and appreciation of Sacred Scripture from the Old Testament to the New Covenant in Christ, as well as the early Church.  Includes a special focus on the Gospels where students will meet Jesus Christ and develop a deeper Faith in Him.

Students will be led to deeply understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the living Word of God. They'll learn who He is and what he calls each of them to be.

Encountering Christ

Encountering Christ

This course introduces students to the Blessed Trinity in and through the fullness of God’s revelation of Himself: Jesus Christ. They will study the Incarnation, the union of Christ’s two natures, Jesus as the exemplar of humanity, as well as the unique role of Mary, the mother of God.

This course prepares students to overcome the challenges of Faith, and leads them to a more profound understanding of what it means to believe.

The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery

In this course, students will enter into the Paschal Mystery of Christ - His Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension - and learn about how it is the fulfillment of God's promise of redemption made to us after the Fall. They will also learn how the Church calls us to participate in the Paschal Mystery in our own lives.

The Church is Christ’s Body

The Church is Christ’s Body

Students will learn of the of the origin, foundation, and manifestation of the Catholic Church, established by Jesus Christ during His earthly life to continue His saving mission until the end of time. Through their exploration of the Church, students will consider various images of the Church, the four marks of the Church, and the role of the Church in the life of the believer.

The Moral Life In Christ

The Moral Life In Christ

This course will introduce students to the moral teaching of the Catholic Church with the goal of inviting them to live a moral life in Christ. Students will learn about every person’s deep desire for God that is written in our hearts and God’s plan to bring us true happiness by living as He created us to live. They will also explore the meaning of law, the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ great commandments, Jesus moral teaching and example, the reality of sin, the relationship between human freedom and conscience, and the various helps God gives to us by His grace and through the Church.

Courses Available Summer 2020

  • Framework Course V: The Sacraments
  • Framework Course VI: A Moral Life in Christ
  • Framework Option A: Sacred Scripture
  • Framework Option B: The History of the Catholic Church
  • Framework Option C: Catholic Social Teaching
  • Framework Option D: Your Vocation in Christ
  • Framework Option E: Christ's Church & World Religions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes your textbooks?

All Sophia Institute for Teachers materials are written by veteran Catholic school teachers with advanced degrees. They are then tested in classrooms as well as reviewed by leading academics before publication.

Do I need anything else to use Spirit of Truth?

Most everything you need to deliver a complete and dynamic lesson is contained in the Student Textbook, Student Workbook, and Teacher's Guide. There are occasional references to outside websites or videos, to which we provide you with links. We also strongly recommend each student have his or her own Bible to use across in every grade level, or access to a classroom set.

Additional online supplementary materials can be found here.

Do you offer online resources or support?


Once you adopt the Spirit of Truth theology textbooks for your school, you will be assigned a Sophia Institute master teacher for the life of the program who will provide you and your faculty with a free, live training webinar, as well as be available via email to answer questions or provide other advice. Additional webinars that help provide background knowledge on the Faith and teaching strategies may be purchased.

Our Supplements webpage also provides you with a host of additional resources to enhance your experience with Spirit of Truth High School Edition. There you will find access to tests and quizzes, a sacred art library containing all of the sacred art included in our books, and many other resources.

How can I review Spirit of Truth to decide if it’s right for my school?

You may view sample units on this page. Please email us to request review copies.

We encourage you to schedule a live tour to see how Spirit of Truth can help your classroom come alive.

What sort of background knowledge do I need to use Spirit of Truth?

First and foremost Spirit of Truth High School Edition has been designed to honor your vocation as a theology teacher in a Catholic school. Your wealth of knowledge, training, and experience are instrumental to making every lesson come to life. Your witness of faith makes the single greatest impact on the spiritual growth of your students. Spirit of Truth is meant to complement all that you bring to the classroom and provide you with a toolbox of teaching strategies.

The beauty of Spirit of Truth is its lesson plan format. Its comprehensive but modular design gives you a wide selection of activities to choose from:

  • Rigorous and accessible chapter texts written by leading scholars
  • Classroom discussion questions rooted in the chapter text to help you facilitate a meaningful conversation with your students
  • A full set of focus and reflection questions to aid your students in reading the chapter text
  • Analysis of primary sources
  • A collection of full lesson plans employing a variety of strategies that introduce students to theological topics, deepen and extend the learning from the chapters, and invite students to internalize learning that has occurred for their own spiritual growth
  • Sacred art reflections
  • Saint biographies
  • And many other ways to bring the Catholic Faith to life!

Because all the readings, activities and assessments are ready to go, the sky is the limit for how you use and adapt the materials in Spirit of Truth to your own teaching style, group of students, and unique context.

Do you offer volume discounts?

To help you manage the expense of textbooks, we offer you 40% off if you order 10 copies or more of the student books.

Can you send me a sample set?

Schools and parishes considering Spirit of Truth may request two free sample sets of a printed student textbook, student workbook, and teacher's guide. Additionally, you will be given access to an online folder where you can review all available courses in PDF form. If you would like additional hard copy samples, these may be purchased at regular price, and may be returned within 90 days for a full refund if you decide against adoption. Email us here to request sample sets.

Questions? Email us or call 800-888-9344