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Live Today Well

St. Francis de Sales's Simple Approach to Holiness

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Living the Christian life requires a strategy. Most of us won’t get to heaven through heroic feats of sanctity, but by learning to live the devout life through our everyday activities.

St. Francis de Sales has developed for you a spiritual plan of action — a plan that will help you acquire holiness despite the many responsibilities and mundane realities that take up all your time and effort.

In these pages, Fr. Thomas Dailey — an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales — gently guides you through St. Francis de Sales’s spiritual plan, showing how you can balance time devoted to God with the time needed to complete your many tasks each day. You’ll learn St. Francis de Sales’s technique of daily prayer and grace-filled awareness that will transform your life one day at a time — no matter how busy your lifestyle.

From making a spiritual retreat during the day to fending off the many temptations you face, Live Today Well will help you commune with God throughout your day. And by practicing the little virtues you learn here, you’ll soon find yourself moving toward the heavenly heights as you become the saint you are called by God to be.

You’ll also learn:

Four ways to become aware of God’s presence


Tips for spiritual time-management


Simple methods of praying, whether in Church or not


How to avoid the three dangerous tendencies that appear in conversations


How to conquer your greatest temptations


The one virtue which gives greatest assurance for reaching perfection


The two critical elements of any good confession

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