Everyday Catholicism Set 3 and 4

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: Hearing God’s Answers in Our Lives

Since the beginning of time and throughout all history, people have inspired and upheld one another by sharing their stories of faith, in times of trial and in times of joy. With that same conviction and mission we have gathered these true stories from prayerful Catholics around the world to continue this legacy. These heart-warming, hope-filled stories prove the power of prayer and clarify God’s presence and guidance in our everyday lives. This collection of stories includes those of: 

  • Dottie, distraught over her daughter's anorexia, who renews her confidence in a devotion from her childhood. ("Sacred Heart of Jesus")
  • Sally, mother of four daughters and a son, who receives her son's slowly unfolding news that he has decided to become a priest. ("My Son's New Job")
  • Deborah, who, left penniless after a divorce, hardly dares to answer when asked by new friends at a retreat, "What do you need?" ("Miracle Soup”)

These stories will lift your spirits and nourish your souls. Read them one at a time, alone or in a group. Savor the scripture verse or quotation. Embrace the message. Deepen your faith. Take God’s hand as He guides you on your journey of hope.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: God’s Miracles in Our Lives

Through the ages up to and including ours, Catholics have witnessed or heard about miraculous events that offer supernatural evidence of God’s existence and involvement in our lives. Here is a selection of astonishing true stories that will leave you convinced of the reality of God like never before. This remarkable collation includes the accounts of: 

  • Angry 15-year-old Cynthia, who scorns her mother’s belief that God will always provide—until she sees an incredible result. (“Thanksgiving Angel”)
  • Dawn, who although not Catholic is asked by her dying son if she too can see “Mary” at his bedside. (“Pretty Lady”) 
  • Courtney, in tears and praying in the back seat of her mother’s car after it had stalled, watches the impossible as the gas gauge needle suddenly begins moving above E. (“Fueled by Faith”)

The Everyday Catholicism series from Chicken Soup for the Soul and Sophia Institute Press are books not only about “living the Faith,” but also about a Faith that is living. These powerful, uplifting stories show the love of God and His actual presence and engagement in our lives—if only we have the eyes to see! A great gift for Confirmation, RCIA, birthdays, weddings, and holidays.


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