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Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholics Teacher’s Guide

The Story of Native American Catholics

Enduring Faith: The Story of Native American Catholics explores the rich legacy of faith among the Native American peoples. This film and accompanying teacher’s guide inspire a deeper appreciation for the spiritual and cultural gifts of Native American Catholics, a greater awareness of how the Faith was shared and became rooted through the labor and sacrifice of Catholic missionaries, a sober acknowledgment of the wrongs often endured at the hands of European settlers as well as the US government, and ultimately a sense of hope at how Native American Catholics continue to live out their belief today. Through the stories of Native American saints and other holy men and women, and of Catholic missionaries who brought the Gospel to the Americas, Enduring Faith offers a missing piece to the greater story of Catholicism in America and a beautiful example of how Christ reveals Himself through the uniqueness of every culture. 

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This Teacher's Guide contains 13 lessons to use while streaming the Knights of Columbus documentary, Enduring Faith, with high school and middle school students. You may use each lesson to accompany a screening of the whole film, or a shorter section. 

Each lesson features:

  • Time-stamps for the part of the movie the lesson focuses on

  • A pre-viewing activity and post-viewing activity. 

  • Handouts at two reading levels, where appropriate

  • All handouts and materials

  • A complete answer key

The Viewing Guide appendix contains fill-in-the-blank questions that students can answer as they watch the video, or afterwards. You may assign some, all, or none of these questions for each lesson. The Key Terms appendix provides basic definitions of vocabulary words important to lessons. 

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