Brebeuf Hymnal Organ Accompaniment

3-Volume Set

This revolutionary technique allows organists to instantly play hymns at sight, while simultaneously serving as cantor—without wrong notes, without slowing down, without stress!  It's astounding this has never been done before; especially considering hymn typesetting moved in this direction a long time ago. The accompaniments correspond to the Pew Edition. They are large, but not too bulky. 

Centuries ago, organists and singers relied heavily upon memorization. With the invention of the printing press, it became easier to keep a written record—but paper was still quite expensive and rare. When choirs sang in parts, they often sang directly from the text and memorized the notes. The “English School” still maintains this tradition. 

But their method has serious disadvantages, especially for lengthier hymns. People searched for ways to place the lyrics underneath the notes, but when the organist functions as cantor, such methods cause difficulty—unless the organist already has the words memorized.

At last someone has “turned the page” to something convenient and powerful: The Brébeuf accompaniments write out every verse!

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