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A Little Catholic’s First Rosary Book: The Joyful Mysteries Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book

The Joyful Mysteries Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book

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Engage your children "bead-by-bead" through the rosary: The Mysteries come alive as every bead is a picture...and every picture is a prayer!

Children will love having their very own prayer book! Even before they can read words, they can read pictures--and that's the wonder of this picture prayer book:

  • Every prayer in the rosary has its own page, its own picture. Children recognize which prayer to say from the picture!
  • Each decade of rosary is a story that is brought to life by 10 colorful illustrations--one for each Hail, Mary!
  • It's an easy way to teach using rosary beads, too, because along the top of each page you can see what bead you're on.
  • Creates the foundation of contemplation in the heart and mind of a child for this wonderful devotion

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  • Pages: 84
  • Format(s): Sturdy Spiral Bound
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