Parish Faith Formation Digital App

Available July 1, 2020

Our new digital app takes all the stress out of faith formation. The Spirit of Truth app combines fun, interactive learning games with the engaging content of Spirit of Truth: Parish Edition. From sacred art puzzle games to crosswords, your students will not just learn the faith, they’ll having fun doing it!

Spirit of Truth Digital Edition is a completely-digital platform available via app or browser – not just a digitized book. The catechist is able to assign and track assignments, grade and communicate with your students/parents, and assist remotely as needed. There are multiple ways to implement the app in your faith formation program, such as:

Catechist Led, Parent Managed
Catechists teach students at the parish or online, and parents use the tool to reinforce learning in
the home.

Parent Led, Catechist Managed
Parents take primary responsibility for catechizing children by implementing the lessons in the
home while the catechists assign and track work to ensure accountability.

Our Digital App Features:

  • Hundreds of Learning Games -- Readings, question and answer activities, quizzes, and Sacred Art Reflections are now joined by Angry-Birds-type sorting games, driving games, drawing activities, puzzles, iSpy activities, word searches, crossword puzzles, drag-and-drop matching games – all age-appropriate per grade level.
  • Catechist Dashboard -- We designed the app to enable the parish catechist to track student progress to ensure families are completing their assignments. Through your dashboard, you can:
    • Track students’ progress through the weekly activities, and/or assign only the ones you choose 
    • Receive scores automatically for multiple choice and other objective quizzes
    • Grade all other content and share notes between you and your students
    • Track student progress on assignments
    • Create and send progress reports to parents
  • Delivers a Meaningful Encounter with the Faith -- Our digital platform covers the entire Catechism in a rich and age-appropriate way and is designed to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and differing familiarity with the Faith.
  • Catechizes Parents and Helps them Integrate the Faith in the Home – Each lesson features talking points, background essays, and step-by-step instructions for teaching the Faith in the Home, giving parents everything they need to catechize their children and develop in them the habits of holiness.


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