Recorded Webinar

Using Sophia SketchPad to Teach About Holy Communion

Entering into the Story of the Eucharist

What You'll Get with this Webinar

  • 45-Minute Session
  • Explore teaching strategies with a master teacher
  • Classroom-ready lesson plans
  • Instant, easy access — no expiration!
  • Receive a professional development certificate

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Webinar Overview

Join Master Teacher Jose Gonzales as he leads a 45-minute session showing Catholic teachers and parish catechists how you can use the Sophia SketchPad video on the Eucharist to explain the connections between Original Sin, Christ's Death and Resurrection, and the Eucharist.

You will receive: 

SketchPad Video Viewing Guide: Perfect for Catholic religion class, parish religious education classes, and homeschooling parents, this guide includes pre-viewing activities, post-viewing discussion questions, and a fill-in-the-blank activity for your students to complete when watching the video a second time.
Video Script: Allows your visual learners to read along and/or refer back to the script while completing the viewer’s guide.
Backgound Reading: Short essay on Jesus' Institution of the Eucharist to increase background knowledge of this Sacrament.

Two Complete Lessons on the Eucharist:  Students will deepen their understanding of the Last Supper, Christ's Claims and Commandments, as well as Eucharistic Typology and the Paschal Mystery.  

Recorded Webinar: Join master teacher Jose Gonzalez to discuss simple but effective techniques for explaining and engaging your students with the Eucharist. You can watch the recorded video right away. 
Professional Development Certificate: You may request your professional development certificate by visiting this link

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Jose Gonzalez joined the team at Sophia Institute for Teachers in 2014 after more than 10 years as a Catholic high school teacher. In addition to teaching Jose has experience working in parish and diocesan ministry.  Jose has led over 250 of our workshops in over 45 dioceses, and contributes regularly to our teacher's guides and digital instructional resources. He has a BA in theology with a concentration in religious education from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and an MA in evangelization and catechesis from the Augustine Institute. Jose and his wife, Mary Beth, have four children.