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Short, topic-specific webinars packed with practical lesson plan ideas, guidance from a Master Teacher, and materials you can use right away.

Webinars to Watch Anytime

Infusing Lessons with Sacred Art

Explore practical, ready to use ways to infuse your lessons and your classroom with the perfect tool for evangelization and catechesis: beauty.

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Using Sophia Sketchpad to Teach about Confirmation

Explore what Confirmation is and what it isn’t as we model teaching strategies that are proven to engage students and help them fully understand all that God offers in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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Using Sophia SketchPad to Teach about Marriage

Explore why God elevated marriage to a Sacrament as well as sensitive ways to address the issues of gay marriage and same-sex attraction. You’ll learn how even the toughest questions from the most skeptical students can be answered with grace.

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Using Sophia SketchPad to Teach About Holy Communion

In this webinar you’ll learn ways to explain the connections between Original Sin, Christ’s Death and Resurrection, and the Eucharist.

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Using Sophia SketchPad to Teach about Confession

Learn the Biblical basis and importance of penance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. You’ll explore Scripture, the Catechism, and proven strategies to engage even the most skeptical students.

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The only online courses designed by and for K-12 Catholic teachers and parish catechists, these videos combine university-level learning with practical classroom applications.

The Sacraments and Discipleship

Develop a deep understanding of the seven sacraments and ways in which you can help young people understand how the Sacraments influence their lives and souls.

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The Spirituality of the Teacher

Fr. Thomas Dailey explains in clear and practical language what spirituality truly means for teachers, and how you can be a witness to Jesus’ love in the classroom.

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