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Course 1: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture 


Course 2: Encountering Christ


Course 3: The Paschal Mystery


Course 4: The Church Is Christ's Living Body


Course 5: The Sacraments


Course 6: The Moral Life In Christ 


Course A: Sacred Scripture


Course C: Catholic Social Teaching 


Course E: Christ's Church and World Religions 





Course One: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

Unit 1

Chapter 1: The Desire for God

Chapter 2: Natural Revelation

Chapter 3: Divine Revelation

Chapter 4: The Transmission of Divine Revelation

Unit 2

Chapter 5: Divine Inspiration

Chapter 6: How Was the Bible Put Together?

Chapter 7: Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church

Unit 3

Chapter 8: Authentic Interpretation of Scripture

Chapter 9: The Bible in Relation to Science and History

Unit 4

Chapter 10: Introduction to the Old and New Testaments

Chapter 11: The Unity of the Old and New Testaments

Unit 5

Chapter 12: The Gospels' Central Place in Scripture

Chapter 13: The Gospel of John


Course Two: Enountering Christ 

Unit 1

Chapter 1: What is Faith?

Chapter 2: Philosophy 101: The Ways of Knowing and the Nature of Truth

Chapter 3: What Does Faith Do?

Unit 2

Chapter 4: Revelation: God's Gift of Himself

Chapter 5: What Faith Tells Us about Ourselves

Chapter 6: Discipleship In the Church

Unit 3

Chapter 7: Son of God, Son of Mary

Chapter 8: The Three Divine Persons of the Trinity

Chapter 9: Development of Trinitarian Theology

Chapter 10: Mary, the Blessed Mother

Chapter 11: The Mystery of the Incarnation

Unit 4

Chapter 12: Jesus Embodies What Has Been Revealed in and through Creation

Chapter 13: Jesus Christ Reveals the Father to Us, Who We Are, and Our Call to Holiness

Chapter 14: The Four Last Things



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