Wonders of Nature

Inspiring Wonder in God's Creation

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Use these 20-minute activities to help students contemplate how faith and science intersect.

This Month's Lessons

January 2023

In this Wonders of Nature eLesson students will study the organisms of different natural habitats and reflect on the incredible biodiversity that God has woven into His creation.

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December 2022

In this Wonders of Nature eLesson, students will learn and discuss how the properties of water are an example of the fine-tuning of the universe.

November 2022

Students will explore the awesome dimensions of the Helix Nebula and contemplate discuss their reflections about our place in the universe, our capacity for wonder, and our relationship with our loving creator.

October 2022

Students will view images of fractals found in the natural world, and contemplate how they can help us better understand the soul, time, and eternity.

September 2022

Our first Wonders of Nature eLesson invites your students to contemplate the majesty of the universe through the brilliant images taken by the new James Webb Space Telescope.