Teaching the Faith with Current Events

Apply Catholic principles beyond the classroom

How to Use

Use these 20-45 minute activities to help your students see how Catholic teaching applies to the real world.

Teaching the Liturgical Year

A ready-to-use lesson on each Sunday Gospel

How to Use

Bring the liturgical year to life in your classroom with these lessons based on the Sunday Gospels in the month.

Heavenly Hall of Fame

Introduce your youngest students to the saints.

How to Use

Designed for the youngest learners, these lessons will help you introduce your students to the saints.

This Month's Lessons

November 2020

This month your students will examine the lives of saints in preparation for All Saints Day, discuss how we can prepare our souls and bodies to encounter Christ in our lives, consider ways to practice the Works of Mercy, and much more!

Access Past Lessons

October 2020

This month your students will reflect on what it means that the Kingdom of Heaven will be given to those who bear fruit, discuss ways to be a virtuous citizen, reflect on divine love, and much more!

September 2020

In this eLesson, students will explore what the Church teaches about charity in the face of violence and social discord, discuss how to bring about social healing and reconciliation as disciples of Christ, and consider what it means to a peacemaker.

September 2020

This month your students will discuss Christ's teaching on fraternal correction, contemplate sacred art, create a spiritual plan for the week, and much more!

August 2020

August features another sample of our family catechesis program, A Family of Faith. This resource includes easy, family-friendly activities to live out your faith at home.