Teaching the Liturgical Year

A ready-to-use lesson on each Sunday Gospel

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Bring the liturgical year to life in your classroom with these lessons based on the Sunday Gospels in the month.

This Month's Lessons

February 2021

In these lessons, students will contemplate how Christ reveals who He is through healing and preaching, pray a scriptural Rosary, prepare for the holy season of Lent, and much more. Stay tuned for Lent eLessons, which will be published in early February!

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January 2021

This month students will contemplate the Epiphany, reflect on Jesus' baptism, consider what it means that Jesus spoke with authority, discuss how we can answer Jesus' invitation to follow Him, and much more!

December 2020

Advent begins on the last Sunday of November this year. This Advent Teaching the Liturgical Year packet contains lessons on each of the Sunday Gospels in Advent, with additional take-home lessons for Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Family!

November 2020

This month your students will examine the lives of saints in preparation for All Saints Day, discuss how we can prepare our souls and bodies to encounter Christ in our lives, consider ways to practice the Works of Mercy, and much more!

October 2020

This month your students will reflect on what it means that the Kingdom of Heaven will be given to those who bear fruit, discuss ways to be a virtuous citizen, reflect on divine love, and much more!