Teaching the Faith with Current Events

Apply Catholic principles beyond the classroom

How to Use

Use these 20-45 minute activities to help your students see how Catholic teaching applies to the real world.

COVID-19: Solidarity during Social Distancing - March 2020

In this eLesson students will explore what the Church teaches about the principle of solidarity. In these trying and uncertain times, cultivating the virtue of solidarity will help us to love our neighbor and carry out the Works of Mercy in our lives.

The Coronavirus: Confronting Fear with Faith - March 2020

In this eLesson students will explore the hope that our faith in Jesus Christ gives us, discuss His call to have no fear, and consider ways we can reflect His love into the world around us, especially amid the current coronavirus crisis.

Valentine’s Day - February 2020

Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the love of Jesus Christ, which, through the grace of the Sacraments, nurtures and cultivates all other loves and relationships!

God’s Mercy and Kobe Bryant (Recommended for older students) - January 2020

In this eLesson students will explore Church teaching about God's mercy in light of the tragic death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant. (NOTE TO TEACHERS: An article in this lesson mentions past accusations of rape, and contains one mild profanity.)

The Military Draft - January 2020

In this eLesson your students will explore the principles and procedure of a military draft in light of the Church's teaching on just war, the obligation of leaders and citizens, and the defense of the common good.