Teaching the Faith with Current Events

Apply Catholic principles beyond the classroom

How to Use

Use these 20-45 minute activities to help your students see how Catholic teaching applies to the real world.

This Month's Lessons

Thanksgiving - November 2021

What is the true origin of Thanksgiving? And why should we as Catholics be thankful to God, not only on Thanksgiving, but every day of the year?

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Authoritarian Mandates vs. Human Dignity - October 2021

In this lesson students will explore how free will is necessary for moral action in the context of the recent vaccine measures announced by the current administration.

Analyzing the News - September 2021

In this lesson students will deepen their understanding of current events and human actions by analyzing and comparing the sources from which they obtain information.

Evangelizing with Humor - April 2021

Discuss how memes, and a good sense of humor, can help bring people to Christ. After all, the world is sick and in need of the Divine Physician, and our joyful laughter is the best medicine!

Can Love be Legislated? - March 2021

Discuss the recent bill, HR-5 (the Equality Act) in light of the Church's teaching on our innate human dignity as men and women made in the image and likeness of God.