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Are Religious Christmas Displays Constitutional?
This month's eLesson will help your students analyze and…
A Crash Course on Elections in America
Because of the significance and universal relevance of this…
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Should the Boston Marathon Bomber Be Executed?
Students evaluate the process for determining Tsarnaev’s…
Reality of Sin Imagery
This powerpoint is designed to be shown as part of the lesson…

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Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts
This is a discussion-based lesson using a March 2, 2015 New…
Confronting ISIS: Being Pro-Life in the Midst of Suffering and Persecution
Recently, ISIS beheaded 21 Christians in Libya. What should…
The Charlie Hebdo Attacks, the Fifth Commandment, and Moral Conscience
This elesson uses the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack as a way…
Death with “Dignity”? Is there anything dignified about euthanasia?
This month, we are looking at the sad story of Brittany…
The Greatest Roman or Greatest Virtue
The lessons focus on the virtues of bravery, honesty,…