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Saint Resume
This is a great way to quickly incorporate a little bit of…
Hatchet Unit
This Hatchet Unit is easy to use and great for student…
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Nonfiction Article Activity with Catholic Social Teaching
This nonfiction article activity forces students to pay…
Get Real! Catechizing with Pinocchio
By way of various analogies pulled from the Pinocchio movie,…
God & The Serpent DIAMANTE POEM
The students will write a diamante poem contrasting God with…

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Purpose, Audience, and Topic
This easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentation makes teaching…
Writing Prompts
Make writing fun and easy while incorporating elements of Catholicism
Virtue Makes Your Talents Real
Students will read the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25,…
Good Luck – and Goodness!
This  lesson begins with reading Stephen Vincent Benet’s…
The Road Not Taken
Students will practice analyzing a poem and identify the use…
Incorporating the Catholic faith into poetry
Students will read the poems "The Golf Links," "Richard…