Teacher-Written Lesson

Virtue and Vice in Spiderman III

  • Written by Deacon Christopher Paul
  • Four, 45 minute classes

Lesson Overview

I use this exercise after presenting God’s Covenant with Creation and Adam and Eve (in Genesis 1-2) and the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve (in Genesis 3).  I find that the themes in “Spiderman III” and the questions on the worksheet give a vivid presentation of temptation, sin, its effects and mankind’s struggle with sin; as well as the role of grace, overcoming sin in Christ and being the “best version of ourselves we can be” by choosing to act in love, selflessness  and virtue.  

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School

Subject: Religion, Sacred Scripture

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Homeschooled Students, CCD/Parish-Based Education

Tagged as: virtue,  vice,  the fall,  temptation,  sin,  genesis

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