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Treasure Island: A Healthy Dose of Danger

  • Written by Sean Fitzpatrick

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This essay is an example of the approach taken in literature classes at Gregory the Great Academy. This pedagogy stresses the reading of the good books for the sake of delighting the soul, engendering the initial reflections of a young mind on questions central to humanity, and preparing those who read them for greatness. Once the kindling of the imagination is lit, students are able to see eternal standards for judging temporal circumstances. By the light and warmth of these transcendentals, the lovable will be loved, the despicable despised, the truth sought, the good prized, and the beautiful cherished. Accompanying essay and/or discussion questions can be found here

Treasure Island is a staple of the Freshmen Literature program at Gregory the Great Academy; partly because it is a timeless tale, and partly because age fourteen is the time it should be read and experienced. The recommended edition is Scribner's Illustrated Edition: Aetheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division. This edition is preferred due to the iconic illustrations by N. C. Wyeth, and also because it includes Stevenson's introductory verse, "To the Hesitating Purchaser," a feature difficult to find in most editions.

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Grade Level: High School

Subject: English, Literature, British Literature

Learner: Classical Education

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