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Sophia SketchPad: Marriage Video Resources

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Lesson Overview

Transform Sophia SketchPad into a remarkable learning experience in your classroom. For only $4.99, you’ll unlock several classroom resources that will help you explain what the Church really teaches about marriage. 

Using Spirit of Truth? The resources listed below are in your textbook series, so there's no need to purchase anything!

Video Viewing Guide: Perfect for classrooms, parishes, and homeschooling parents, this guide includes pre-viewing activities, post-viewing discussion questions, and a fill-in-the-blank activity.

Video Script: Allows your visual learners to read along and/or refer back to the script while completing the viewer’s guide.

Three-Day Lesson Plan on Marriage:  Explore how the love between spouses mirrors the divine love of the Blessed Trinity. Includes readings, warm-ups, activities, assessments, and a complete answer key. The lesson also includes an introduction and application of Theology of the Body and the Theological Virtues.

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School, Middle School, Elementary

Subject: Religion

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Homeschooled Students, CCD/Parish-Based Education

Tagged as: theology of the body,  sacraments,  marriage,  divine love


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