Teacher-Written Lesson

Socratic-Style Discussion Guide

  • Written by Jose L Gonzalez Wakeham
  • 30 minutes

Lesson Overview

Engage your students with a class discussion! Students sit in a circle and must speak at least four times to receive credit for class. This can work for high school and just about any subject area but I use it specifically for my Catholic Social Teaching class. This discussion activity is helpful to gauge the level of knowledge students may have on a particular topic. Included are the discussion guidelines for the teacher and students. Sample question topics include: Structure and Role of the Family, Culture, Rights and Responsibilities/Role of Government, and Solidarity/Foreign Affairs.

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School

Subject: Civics, Government, and Economics, Religion, Speech and Debate, Public Speaking

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Classical Education

Tagged as: solidarity,  role of the family,  role of government,  foreign affairs,  discussion questions,  culture,  class discussion,  apologetics

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