Teacher-Written Lesson

Shakespearean Monologue Project

  • Written by Michael McLaughlin
  • Carried out over a week of classes

Lesson Overview

I have used this assignment in my basic, intermediate, and advanced acting classes as well as in my public speaking class. If incorporated within the study of a Shakespearean play, this assignment could also be used in an English class. Students were assigned a monologue and had to complete extensive preparation in advance of a final filmed performance of their monologue. At the end of the process, students had to assemble a portfolio of sorts of their preparation work and evaluate themselves. This lesson includes: peer evaluation form, self evaluation form, and monologue self evaluation writing assignment. 

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School

Subject: English, Literature, Renaissance Literature, Speech and Debate, Public Speaking

Tagged as: shakespeare,  public speaking,  monologue

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