Teacher-Written Lesson

Saint Resume

  • Written by Katie Wilson
  • 45 minutes

Lesson Overview

This is a great way to quickly incorporate a little bit of research, resume writing, and a fun activity! Students will build a resume based on a saint of their (or your) choosing. Once students have picked a saint, have them research the saint- their schooling, any miracles associated with them, their experiences, etc. Students have the opportunity to be very creative with this activity. Categories can be changed on the resume based on what knowledge and understanding you want your students to gain from this activity.  You could make it more focused by giving the students a certain "job" or "role" the saint is applying for to focus their resume.  Students also get to work on resume writing!

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School, Middle School, Elementary

Subject: English, Non-Fiction, Religion, Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Homeschooled Students, CCD/Parish-Based Education

Tagged as: writing,  saint,  research,  project

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