Teacher-Written Lesson

Nationalism in Europe - Unit Test

  • Written by Michael McLaughlin
  • 1 50-minute testing period

Lesson Overview

This is the traditional teacher-test assessment for my unit on Nationalism in Europe in the 19th Century. This test primarily concerns Italy and Germany and makes reference to the Austrian-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian Empires. The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions, open response questions, and a primary source analysis. Other relevant information on nationalism in the 19th Century is also addressed in my units on France and the United Kingdom in the Long 19th Century.

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School

Subject: Geography, History, World History, AP World History Practice Test Materials, European History

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Advanced Placement, Homeschooled Students, Gifted Learners

Tagged as: russian empire,  russia,  ottoman empire,  nationalism,  germany,  european history,  austria-hungary

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