Teacher-Written Lesson

Liturgical Seasons Bingo

  • Written by Don Forster
  • 20-30 minutes

Lesson Overview

     This is a bingo card that allows students to review the liturgical seasons and can be viewed by scanning the qr code.  There is a second qr code that contains the clues for the terms that are on the student's liturgical seasons bingo card.  If a student rescans the qr code they will still receive the same terms; however, the terms will appear in a different spot on their new card.  This activity also reduces the need for printing off paper bingo cards, if the teacher has access to computers, ipads, smartphones, or kindle fires.

Recommended For

Grade Level: Middle School, Elementary

Subject: Religion, Core USCCB Curriculum, Life in Jesus Christ

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Homeschooled Students, CCD/Parish-Based Education, Gifted Learners, Struggling Readers, English Language Learners

Tagged as: liturgical year,  liturgical life,  liturgical colors,  liturgical calendar

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