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Historical Books of the Bible

  • Written by Elaine Cooney
  • 8- 40-45 minute classes - it is a unit of study

Lesson Overview

This is one of the most popular units of the year for most students.  We use the Breakthrough Bible extensively, and use the DVD of music from The Story by Nichole Nordeman to reveal what these stories mean to us.  A worksheet of directions and progress checking is given. (attached).  Should be able to cover two historical books/day.  After copying the "headlines" explain the story headlines in narrative form.  Follow this by playing the track that goes with the book.  For example, after talking about Joshua and the Walls of Jericho, watch the Music DVD "Take Me Home" (Joshua)  , and have students make notes on their prayer cards about the main message of the song.  They absolutely love these and the music DVD is amazing!

After all the cards are completed, we play charades. I pull a random headline out of a box, and two students are responsible for acting out that headline without using words.  The rest of the class tries to guess (using their own cards for reference) which headline is being acted, what characters are involved, and what book of the Bible the story comes from.  At the end of the unit, students get into groups, and write a group prayer in T.R.I.P. format (Thanksgiving, Repentance, Invitation (or Intercession) and Praise).  Each line of their prayer must mention one significant character or a historical book of the Bible.  For instance:  "Thank you God for giving each of us courage, just like you gave David courage to face Goliath."

Recommended For

Grade Level: High School, Middle School

Subject: Religion, Sacred Scripture

Learner: Traditional Classroom

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