Teacher-Written Lesson

Creating Radish and Potato Nurseries

  • Written by Erin White
  • 1-45 minute class + 20 minutes (1 week later) + 20 minutes (1 week later)

Lesson Overview

The objective of this lesson is to engage students in finding an answer to the question "Do plants need seeds in order to grow?"  Students will plant radish seeds and also place a potato in a cup with water.  The teacher can create a Radish Nursery & Potato Nursery on their window sills.  I place 2 large signs above the sills (on the pull-down blinds).  

Students will be able to check on the progress of their plants each day in class.  They also will be able to record their observations in a formal lab report.  Students will learn that plants are able to grow from a seed, as well as from another part of a plant (vegetative reproduction). Technology can be easily integrated with this lab, although it is not required to create a successful and engaging lesson!

Recommended For

Grade Level: Middle School

Subject: Religion, Science, Life Science

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Classical Education

Tagged as: vegetative reproduction,  seeds,  radish,  plants,  ms-ls3-2,  ms-ls2-3,  ms-ls1-6,  ms-ls1-4,  common core

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