Teacher-Written Lesson

My Dear Aunt Sally and the Holy Scriptures

  • Written by Donald Jones
  • 45 minutes

Lesson Overview

Use the Order of Operations as a tool to study the Scriptures! This activity can be used to introduce or review the order of operations.  Students will work out problems requiring them to correctly use the order of operations, upon completion, they will use the answers to these problems as a reference to a specific verse in the Bible.  For example, if the answer to the math problem was 316, the associated scripture could be John 3:16.  They will then answer questions pertaining to that specific verse.   The verses on the attached worksheet are more appropriate for some common middle school behaviors but any scripture verse could be incorporated.  Could easily be modified to use with whole number or decimal operations as well as a number of other topics.

Recommended For

Grade Level: Middle School

Subject: Math, Mathematics and Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra

Learner: Traditional Classroom, Homeschooled Students

Tagged as: scripture,  pre-algebra,  order of operations,  math,  bible

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