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Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284
Manchester, NH 03108

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18 Celina Ave (Unit 1)
Nashua, NH 03063

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Monday - Friday: 8 am through 5 pm Eastern Time

Sophia is closed on weekends, US Federal Holidays, Holy Days of Obligation that fall during the week (if they have not been transferred to Sunday), Good Friday, and Easter Monday.






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Our Staff

Chris Beggs [Email]
Education Programs Coordinator

Claudette Billodeau: [Email]
Accounts and Billing Manager

Veronica Burchard [Email]
Vice President for Education Programs

Dave Burglund [Email]
Senior Director of Operations

Jose Gonzalez [Email]
Senior Director of Professional Development

Ben Hettrick [Email]
Administrative Assistant

Mike Gutzwiller [Email]
Director of Curriculum Development

Shannon McClure [Email]
Education Programs Coordinator

Charlie McKinney [Email]

Dave Michaud [Email]
Inventory Control Specialist

Carley Novotny [Email]
Marketing Assistant

Sheila Perry [Email]
Production Manager

Molly Rublee [Email]
Director of Marketing 

Suzanne Walsh [Email]
Director of Parish Programs 

Anna Maria Mendell [Email]
Managing Editor

Brady Adams [Email]
Customer Service Associate

Ethan O'Connor [Email]
Editorial Assistant

Rob Kenney [Email]
Vice President of Marketing and Sales


Sophia Institute is a non-profit corporation as defined by the IRS Code, Sect. 501(c)(3). Tax I.D. 22-2548708.