Spirit of Truth, Parish Edition Take Home Activities

Liturgical Take-Home Activities

Advent: Advent Packet Grades K-1    (Spanish version)     

Advent: Advent Packet Grades 2-5    (Spanish version)

Advent: Symbols of Advent     (Spanish Version)

Advent: Light of the World     (Spanish Version)

Lent: My Lenten Deeds Chart     (Spanish Version)

Lent: Lent Packet Grades 1-5     (Spanish Version)

Lent: Follow Jesus     (Spanish Version)

Lent: Jesus Died for Us Grades 1-5    (Spanish Version)

Lent: Lent Packet Grades 6-8      (Spanish Version)

Lent: Jesus Died for Us Grades 6-8     (Spanish Version)

Grade K

Session 5: Nature Walk Tickets     (Spanish Version)

Session 29: Your Parish Is Your Home     (Spanish Version)

Grade 1

Session 7: Adam and Eve Board Game    (Spanish Version) 

Session 19: Traditional Stations of the Cross by St. Alphonsus Liguori     (Spanish Version)

Session 30: Jesus Blesses the Children     (Spanish Version)

Grade 2

Session 6: I Am a Member of the Communion of Saints    (Spanish Version)

Session 26: Loaves and Fish     (Spanish Version)

Session 29: Pocket Guide for Receiving Holy Communion     (Spanish Version)

Session 33: Marian Apparitions     (Spanish Version)

Grade 3

Session 9: Raising of the Widow's Son Newspaper Article    (Spanish Version)

Session 19: God's Creation at Home     (Spanish Version)

Session 20: The Rosary     (Spanish Version)

Session 31: An Examination of Conscience for Children     (Spanish Version)

Grade 4

Session 7: St. Jeanne D'Arc  (Spanish Version) ; St. Clare of Assisi (Spanish Version) ; Bl. Miguel Pro Juarez  (Spanish Version) ; St. Paul Miki (Spanish Version)

Session 30: St. Faustina (Spanish Version); St. Juan Diego (Spanish Version); St. Patrick (Spanish Version); St. Therese of Lisieux (Spanish Version)

Grade 5

Session 11: Baptism Cube    (Spanish Version)

Session 30: Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary     (Spanish Version)

Grade 6

Session 19: The Exodus and the Lord's Prayer    (Spanish Version)

Grade 7

Session 5: Litany of St. Joseph.    (Spanish Version)

Session 16: The Rosary     (Spanish Version)

Grade 8

Session 3:  St. Augustine (Spanish Version); St. Catherine of Alexandria (Spanish Version); St. John Chrysostom (Spanish Version)St. Monica (Spanish Version); St. Paul (Spanish Version);
St. Peter (Spanish Version);  St. Stephen (Spanish Version)

Session 25: What Is Right vs. What Is Legal     (Spanish Version)