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Links to External Videos in Lesson Plans

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Session 8: Fetal Heartbeat

Grade 1

Session 5: Emperor Penguins - Planet Earth and Baby Emperor Penguins Emerge from Their Shells

Session 17: Pope Francis Pater Noster

Session 20: That Where I Am (NEW link!) 

Session 23: We Are One Body

Session 26: Hail Mary, Gentle Woman

Session 27: Holy Spirit

Grade 2

Session 1: Hands and Feet

Session 18: Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

Session 19: Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Grade 3

Session 5: Agnus Dei and Lamb of God

Session 22: That Where I Am

Session 25: Angelus

Grade 4

Session 5: Lead Kindly Light

Session 32: When the Saints go Marching in

Grade 5

Session 7: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Session 31: Ordination

Grade 6

Session 18: Jacob and Sons

Session 20: Burning Bush - Prince of Egypt

Session 27: Toy Story 2 Clip

Session 30: Living as the Image of God

Grade 7

Session 1: Indiana Jones Invisible Bridge

Session 10: Our Deepest Identity

Session 13: 3 Ninja Tricks to Listen to God

Session 18: Interior of Chartres Cathedral

Grade 8

Session 7: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Session 19: Bishop Barron on the Devil

Session 24: Social Experiment

Session 26: Hallelujah Chorus

Session 31: Lord I Need You