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Our Digital Edition is now available!

What makes the Digital App for Schools Unique?


Hundreds of Learning Games

Reading, question and answers and Sacred Art Reflections are now joined by Angry-Birds-type sorting games, drawing games, iSpy activities, driving games, word searches and scrambles, crossword puzzles, drag-and-drop matching games — all age-appropriate per grade level.

Laptop Preview

Delivers a Meaningful Encounter with the Faith

Our digital platform covers the entire Catechism in a rich and age-appropriate way and is designed to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and differing familiarity with the Faith.

Tablet Preview

Not just an e-book

Most curricula are available for your tablet or computer, but these are just digitized versions (PDF!) of the book with very little ability to interact. The result is a flat and unengaging experience. Spirit of Truth Digital Edition gives you an intuitive, feature-rich experience that enables notifications, teacher-student communication for feedback, grading and so much more.

Desktop Preview

Educator Dashboard

Make your classroom more efficient! Through your dashboard, you can:

  • Assign activities, homework, quizzes and tests
  • Grade all content and share notes between you and your students
  • Track student progress on assignments
  • Create and send progress reports to parents

How to Transition to Virtual Classroom Webinar


Virtual Workshops and Retreats

 This spring we are offering free virtual professional development. Click here for topics and registration