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We are planning for next fall, and want to be ready with resources that will be helpful to you. New to Spirit of Truth? Please sign up for a free orientation webinar. The webinar will discuss the features, design, and best practices for rolling out  Spirit of Truth. 

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Our Digital Edition is now available!

The most engaging, versatile digital learning platform for Catholic parishes

Spirit of Truth Digital Edition is a completely-digital platform available via app or browser – not just a digitized book. The catechist is able to assign and track assignments, grade and communicate with your students/parents, and assist remotely as needed. There are multiple ways to implement the app in your faith formation program, such as:


Catechist Led, Parent Managed

Catechists teach students at the parish or online, and parents use the tool to reinforce learning in the home.

Parent Led, Catechist Managed

Parents take primary responsibility for catechizing children by implementing the lessons in the home while the catechists assign and track work to ensure accountability.

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